Students come from all over the nation for our EMT program. Our students leave satisfied with their experience and fully prepared to enter the workforce. See what some of our graduates have to say about Unitek EMT.

Everything about this course exceeded my expectations. The staff and instructors were phenomenal, lunch and dinner was catered, and we were taught much more than what is needed to pass the NREMT. The real-world experience every instructor brings to lecture is simply invaluable. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Zipporah A.

This short, two-week boot camp hosted by Unitek EMT is great for anyone looking to jumpstart their career in EMS. The staff are exceptional and go above and beyond to give you the information and resources you need to pass your NREMT exam. I highly recommend this program for anyone who’s looking to challenge themselves and others – you can do this!

Kai F.

I had an incredible experience with Unitek’s two week EMT bootcamp. The instructors are excellent with explaining all of the concepts and skills. As long as you remain dedicated and put in the hard work, you will gain so much coming out of the course. I passed the NREMT within a week of completing the course and am confident with applying everything I learned in the field.

Rebecca K.

Incredible program. I was trained as an EMT before and was a bit unsure how things would work with so much content compressed into just a couple of weeks. However, all my fears were unfounded – the instructors, facility, food, and process were all exemplary, and obviously setup with student success top of mind. Our lead instructor was awesome – excellent blend of knowledge, experience, humor, and efficiency. Classes were ran professionally and his personal stories kept us smiling and engaged. The EMS Director was also incredible, very passionate and kind, I’m sure I’ll remember her lecture on OB for years and years. In summary, if you want to get your EMT, take this program.

Casey B.

Instructors were incredible! Not having to think about food and transportation was phenomenal. The sign up process was super easy and you finish your EMT class in a fast pace that is still easy to follow. It’s a lot of work but with instructors like Dan, it’s possible and very digestible.

California Expedition

This course was wonderful! The instructors answered every question and provided the information in a way that was understandable. This class was well worth the money and time! I could not recommend enough!

Grace V.S.

Fantastic experience, great instructors with a wealth of experience. Remember that this is boot camp, and the pace is wildly accelerated. Don’t go into this thinking it’s going to be a walk in the park. If you want to do this, prepare well and early before signing up because you will be tested.

Karl V.

I just attended the 14-day EMT Boot Camp and cannot recommend it enough. The instructors are fantastic and really care about their students’ success. I came in not knowing much about emergency medical care and just two weeks later, feel confident in my newly acquired skill set. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become an EMT and is willing to dedicate the time and effort to succeed.

Justin G.

I went into this class not sure how a two week program would go, but it worked incredibly well. The instructors here are amazing and do everything in their power to see you succeed. I would fully recommend this class if you’re willing to put in the work. Unitek gave me an amazing education. The teachers were extremely good and easy to connect with, and they have a lot of real world experience and stories that keep students motivated and excited. The bootcamp style of the class brings everyone close very quickly and makes for a lot of good friendships. I’m so glad I chose to get my EMT through Unitek!

Malissa P.

This program was hard. No denying it. But you are stuffing a 140 hour program into 14 days, it was bound to be hard. They call it a “boot camp” for a good reason. But after just two hard weeks, instead of the normal 16 weeks, you come out on the other end with your clearance to test for your NREMT, the national test for EMTs. I’d say the trade off is very much worth the hard work. What got me through were the Instructors. Not only do they clearly know their stuff, they are kind, fun, and you can tell they truly care about everyone succeeding. Are the days long, yes. Is there a whole lot to cover, yes. But if you are struggling, all you have to do is ask any of the amazing instructors and they truly go out of their way to help you. To everyone at Unitek EMT: You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!!

Erin T.

I owe Unitek so much more than I paid for. Such an overall amazingly well rounded school. If you’re in for the ride, it will be an experience you will be so grateful for and never forget.

Tasia B.

Thank you Unitek EMT for the passion and expertise that your instructors brought to our Boot Camp. I feel prepared for the NREMT exam and ready to be of service to my community and future department.

Barrett E.

Classroom Learning at Unitek EMT

The Unitek EMT boot camp was absolutely amazing. I will say that the material and what you learn is fairly challenging, but the staff and curriculum is designed to help you achieve what you signed up for. Each day you learn a lot of material considering that it is a condensed course that was designed to take a few months to complete. It is extremely accelerated and requires your full focus to fully understand what you are learning, but if you apply yourself and show your dedication to the program, you are guaranteed to do well. The staff deserve the most praise for the entirety of your experience and success in the program. I cannot emphasize enough the dedication, professionalism, knowledge, and selflessness that they all exhibited toward my experience at the boot camp, as well as all of the people who were in my graduating class. The instructors here are all very kind, very understanding and very helpful to assist you with whatever you might need in terms of knowing important information for work in the field. They sacrificed hours just to help us understand and learn the content we needed in order to succeed in the course and I cannot thank them enough, they deserve all of the praise. I would 100% recommend the bootcamp to anyone, so long as you are wiling to put all of your effort, focus, and enthusiasm into becoming the best health care professional you can be.

Samantha F.

The REAL DEAL! I couldn’t be more satisfied! This course was all inclusive, and I mean ALL! From the first day, when we realized that we’d have TWO high quality, catered meals a day, to the last day when the examination & psychomotor examination was performed in an extremely organized, professional, & downright impressive manner, I don’t think I can muster up a single viable complaint about this accredited course. Not only was everyone was knowledgeable about Emergency Medicine and the skills pertaining to it, but about the NREMT system and how certification and the national testing process works! Basically, they hold your hand every step of the way! P.S: I’m sooo serious about the food, they even changed caterers to a more high quality vendor mid course and the meals got even better. Bargain deal!

Jacob H.