how to choose an emt training course in the bay area

How to Choose an EMT Training Course in the Bay Area

So you have made the decision to become an EMT, and are now looking for the best EMT Training course in the Bay Area. The key to getting the best EMT training is choosing one that fits your schedule and your objectives. So the first challenge in becoming an EMT? Finding the right EMT training […]

Ten Ways to be a Better EMT

In all areas of life, there is always room for improvement. Take a moment to reflect on your work life to find where improvements could be made. I thought about it this past week, and have written the following tips that will positively impact your life and work as an Emergency Medical Technician. 1.  Learn every […]

rescue trained paramedic different from a trained paramedic

How is a Rescue Trained Paramedic different from a Trained Paramedic?

Other than rescue personnel such as fire fighters, paramedics are one of the first professionals to arrive at the scene of any emergency. But paramedics sometimes have a skills challenge when they are the first to arrive at the emergency scene only to find the victim still trapped in a burning structure or under a […]