emt saves patient while both have heart attacks

EMT Saves Patient While Both Have Heart Attacks

Talk about job focus. Joseph Hardman, a Detroit paramedic, was transporting a patient suffering a heart attack to the hospital when he began experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack himself.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Hardman had a heart attack while performing CPR on the patient. Hardman recognized the symptoms and warned his partner, who was driving, that there’d be two patients instead of one when they arrived at Detroit Medical Center’s Harper-Hutzel Hospital.

emt saves patient while both have heart attacks

Hardman stayed with the patient until he was squared away before doctors began working to save his life.

“He nearly died, had to go to surgery,” union rep Joe Barney told the Free Press.

The original patient and Hardman ended up three beds apart, with identical stents put in to remove blockages in the “widow-maker” artery. Both patients are recovering.

“That’s why we do what we do — because that’s what we live for,” Hardman told CBS Detroit. “That’s what EMS is: to go from a state of death or near death to watching the person walk out of the hospital with their family several days later.”

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