emt training californias specials

EMT Training- California’s Specials

An Emergency Medical Technician is a trained person who provides emergency medical services to injured or ill people, but also answers many other kinds of emergency calls, not just medical, such as exposure to hazardous materials, child abuse, psychiatric crises, injuries, fires, rescues and so forth.

EMTs – trained to have skills and medical knowledge

EMTs are trained to have skills and medical knowledge which they are able to deploy very rapidly. EMTs intervene to assess a patient’s condition but also to perform airway clearing, defibrillation, CPR, stop or slow external bleeding, immobilize patients with  potential spinal fractures in order to prevent any further injury, and prevent shock. EMTs are also responsible for the patient’s safe and fast transportation to the nearest hospital or medical facility, in order to receive definitive care.

emt training californias specials

The EMT levels are Basic (1), Intermediate (2,3) and Paramedic (4). In order to practice, EMTs need to be certified and the EMT training courses for certification are as various as the technicians’ responsibilities. The numbers of hours during the EMT training courses varies according to level. The specifics taught in the EMT training courses depend on rules and laws which may vary in each state.

EMT training courses last several months or even years

Before enrolling, students must take into consideration two important aspects, time constraint and motivation, because such EMT training courses last several months or even years, up to two years for the EMT paramedic level. The number of hours spent in the classroom may be exceeded by the number of hours spent on the field, that is in the emergency room or in an ambulance, depending first and foremost on how soon the student can prove competency in his/her skills, but also on the particular requirements of every state.