increase your value as an on shift refinery safety inspector

Increase Your Value As An On Shift Refinery Safety Inspector with EMT Training

While sickness and accidents are unfortunate realities of the workplace, some jobs have increased hazard potential compared to others. Off shore oil refineries are known to have job hazards that can expose workers to a variety of risks, ranging from chemical exposure sickness to serious heavy machinery injuries. However, when you consider that refinery rigs are often miles from shore, let alone the nearest hospital, it is easy to see how a relatively simple illness or injury can become serious and even life threatening if the worker is unable to receive prompt medical attention.

Refinery owners and operators aware of these risks work diligently to help ensure a safe workplace, and provide extensive training for their personnel. However, even on the safest rig, adverse weather conditions and any number of system malfunctions can result in the need for immediate medical treatment. This is why off shore oil refiners provide on-rig trained medics available for each shift. In many cases, this medic also doubles as the rig safety and training coordinator or safety inspector.

increase your value as an on shift refinery safety inspector

How EMT Training Can Increase Your Value:

The refinery medic needs to have medical training that exceeds the standard training required by other jobs. While they don’t need to be a licensed doctor, they do need to be able to use diagnostic equipment, be trained in emergency response, and be able to provide basic life support and patient care until the patient can be transported off the rig and to a medical facility. EMT training will give you this background, as well as the working knowledge to become certified in emergency care. This training includes, but is not limited to, use of various diagnostic equipment, establishing airways, dealing with assorted wounds, broken bones, bleeding.

EMT specialized training prepares students

In addition to making quick, informed decisions during emergencies, EMT specialized training also prepares you to create and perform seminars on safety and first aid for refinery personnel. Also, EMTs trained to perform safety inspections will find themselves very much in demand, as having one person who can perform two different but related job roles can help save the refinery money.

While oil refinery medics earn on average $60,000 a year, an EMT who is also a safety inspector qualifies for much more. Taking the time to pursue EMT training and certification, along with or in addition to your safety inspection certification, increases your value to any oil refinery that needs to fill either or both of these vital job roles.