ems help grant dying mans last wish

EMS Help Grant Dying Man’s Last Wish

Near death, he wanted to be near nature EMS personnel know too well the frustration and heartbreak that typically attend the last hours of a victim’s life. So it was a welcome change for EMS with the Snohomish County Fire District when they were called in to help grant a dying man his last wish […]

are house calls key to future of ems

Are House Calls Key to Future of EMS?

Paramedicine represents new revenue source The role of EMS has traditionally been pretty straightforward: respond to emergencies, stop the bleeding, convey to the nearest hospital. But over the past few years that paradigm has evolved as ambulance companies have begun to make inroads into the business of home health care. An article on bostonglobe.com reports […]

combatting traumas lethal triad

Combatting Trauma’s Lethal Triad

Although trauma care has come a long way over the past 30 years, trauma is still one of the leading causes of death in any age group, writes Ryan Gerecht, MD, CMTE in the April, 2014 issue of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. A common cause of death in patients with traumatic injuries is […]

emt aids classmates in school stabbings

EMT Aids Classmates in School Stabbings

A 16-year-old student at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, PA stabbed 21 students and a security guard last month. None of the victims died from their wounds — and some can thank the actions of classmate Alex Pasculle, an 18-year-old senior and certified EMT. According to Ashlie Hardway of WTAE in Pittsburgh, Pasculle knew […]

Obamacare Changing the Future of EMS

Patient experience impacts all in healthcare system “We’re arguably at the most pivotal time in our young profession,” write Doug Hooten and Matt Zavadsky in an article on jems.com, the website of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services. “The ACA [Affordable Care Act] has provided EMS an unprecedented opportunity to become a part of the […]

new sitcom on emts gets thumbs-up

New Sitcom on EMTs Gets Thumbs-up

Balance, good writing bring ‘Sirens’ to life A new sitcom on USA Network about three Chicago EMTs shows promising signs of life, writes paramedic Mike Rubin in EMSWorld.com. Produced by Dennis Leary, Sirens is an adaptation of a 2011 British series about London’s ambulance service. The program debuted on March 6, and Rubin was relieved […]

no call too distant for global rescue

No Call Too Distant for Global Rescue

Ready to respond at the Sochi Olympics Imagine you’re on call. Except the call might come from France, Russia, or any other spot on the globe. That is the level of response promised by Global Rescue, a private crisis-response firm based in Boston. Global Rescue was in Sochi, ready to come to the aid of […]

binge drinking at uc berkeley strains ems system

Binge Drinking at UC Berkeley Strains EMS System

The latest accessory worn by more and more students at UC Berkeley is not something you can pick up at the university bookstore or the local fashion boutique. “Barf Bibs,” as they are called, are used by the city’s paramedics to prevent drunk patients from vomiting all over the inside of the ambulance during transport. […]

hand-washing rates low among ems providers

Hand-Washing Rates Low among EMS Providers, Study Finds

It seems like a no-brainer that the healthcare professionals who make first contact with a patient requiring immediate medical care would be conscientious about washing their hands. But a new study by the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ, found that only 13 percent of emergency medical providers reported cleaning their hands before […]

emt saves patient while both have heart attacks

EMS Excellence Sprouts – in the Heart of the Desert

For one week each year, the third largest “city“ in Nevada is Black Rock City, home to the Burning Man Festival, a weeklong, free-spirited gathering of approximately 68,000 people. The event takes place in the middle of Black Rock Desert outside of Reno — a remote location with no existing infrastructure or services. And yet, […]