no call too distant for global rescue

No Call Too Distant for Global Rescue

Ready to respond at the Sochi Olympics Imagine you’re on call. Except the call might come from France, Russia, or any other spot on the globe. That is the level of response promised by Global Rescue, a private crisis-response firm based in Boston. Global Rescue was in Sochi, ready to come to the aid of […]

binge drinking at uc berkeley strains ems system

Binge Drinking at UC Berkeley Strains EMS System

The latest accessory worn by more and more students at UC Berkeley is not something you can pick up at the university bookstore or the local fashion boutique. “Barf Bibs,” as they are called, are used by the city’s paramedics to prevent drunk patients from vomiting all over the inside of the ambulance during transport. […]

emt saves patient while both have heart attacks

EMS Excellence Sprouts – in the Heart of the Desert

For one week each year, the third largest “city“ in Nevada is Black Rock City, home to the Burning Man Festival, a weeklong, free-spirited gathering of approximately 68,000 people. The event takes place in the middle of Black Rock Desert outside of Reno — a remote location with no existing infrastructure or services. And yet, […]

emt saves patient while both have heart attacks

EMT Saves Patient While Both Have Heart Attacks

Talk about job focus. Joseph Hardman, a Detroit paramedic, was transporting a patient suffering a heart attack to the hospital when he began experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack himself. According to the Detroit Free Press, Hardman had a heart attack while performing CPR on the patient. Hardman recognized the symptoms and warned his […]

audio, video bring boston ems response to life

Audio, video bring Boston EMS Response to Life

Every year after the Boston Marathon, the Boston Medical Services team conducts an “after-action” to review its performance and discuss strategies for improvement. “I think a lot of people think that everything’s the same, but every year there’s something different about it, either security plans, or different patient treatments,” said Brendan Kearney, the department’s superintendent […]

how to choose an emt training course in the bay area

How to Choose an EMT Training Course in the Bay Area

So you have made the decision to become an EMT, and are now looking for the best EMT Training course in the Bay Area. The key to getting the best EMT training is choosing one that fits your schedule and your objectives. So the first challenge in becoming an EMT? Finding the right EMT training […]

Time to Re-Certify Your NREMT?

Your National EMS Certification is probably the most important EMS certification you can obtain. Holding your EMS certification demonstrates that you meet the national standards of the EMS profession. To ensure that all Emergency Medical Technicians are up-to-date on technical innovations in patient care and emergency medical services, certification must be renewed every two years. […]

The Difference Between EMT Certification Levels

Not all EMTs are created equal. To the outside world, it probably seems that anyone in the front of an ambulance is a paramedic. But that is not the case. There are actually three different types of emergency medical technicians, only the highest of which is a paramedic. These different certifications give their holders different […]

emt training what to expect on your first third ride

EMT Training – What to Expect on Your First “Third Ride”

At some point in your EMT training, you will go on a “third ride”. It is called a third ride because you are the third person in the ambulance. There are two paramedics riding up front, and you, the student, the “third rider”, sitting in the back of the ambulance. As the third rider, you […]

Ten Ways to be a Better EMT

In all areas of life, there is always room for improvement. Take a moment to reflect on your work life to find where improvements could be made. I thought about it this past week, and have written the following tips that will positively impact your life and work as an Emergency Medical Technician. 1.  Learn every […]