Unitek Education’s Emergency Response Simulation, with CALSTAR Air Rescue, Ensures Real-life Success

Fremont, CA, June 27, 2011 Unitek EMT teamed up with California Shock Trauma Air Rescue (CALSTAR) to provide their EMT students the unique opportunity to participate in an emergency response and air rescue simulation. During the Trauma-Sunday 12-hour drill, which is a core component of the 14-Day EMT training program, EMT students responded to an emergency call and provided on-scene care for victims of traumatic injury. This included an amazing opportunity – the transfer and loading of trauma victims for emergency airlift by helicopter.

unitek educations emergency response simulation

Hand on EMT training at Unitek EMT

Mike K., an EMT student participating in the mock casualty scene that included live victims and overturned car wreckage commented, “The hands on nature of this EMT training gave us the real world confidence to tackle any situation that may be waiting for us in our futures as healthcare providers.” In addition to CALSTAR, additional emergency response agencies participating in the mass casualty incident drill included Royal Ambulance, West Med Ambulance, Silicon Valley Ambulance and the Fremont Fire Department. The EMTs-in-training gained invaluable hands-on experience in emergency ground and air rescue. The day’s training capped with drills for the care and transport of critically injured patients to trauma centers via CALSTAR’s helicopter and local ambulances.

Simulations prepare emergency response personnel

The simulation prepares emergency response personnel to quickly and efficiently assess and respond to the needs of critically injured patients who require airlifting to trauma centers via helicopter. Under these conditions, time is critical – Unitek Education’s unique EMT training teaches that every second counts.

Mock trauma rescue operations provide the vital experience students need to perform successfully in real life rescue operations. Students gain the needed confidence in their abilities to perform when faced with real-life emergencies, as an EMT’s level of preparedness may mean life-or-death.

Since there is no better teacher than experience, this mock rescue operation may prove to be one of the most useful training exercises these EMT students encounter. Although this specific drill was unique, similar real-life and hands-on training scenarios are a staple of Unitek Education’s EMT training boot camp.

Unitek Education’s EMT Boot Camp is a comprehensive 14-day EMT program providing intensive instruction and certification.