Unitek EMT Looks at EMS in the United Kingdom

A Look at EMS in the United Kingdom

During the holiday season, many people travel to see their families or explore new, exciting areas. Because of this, we thought it’d be the perfect time to start a new blog series: A Look at EMS in Different Countries. Our first post is going to delve into Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re naturally curious or you’d like to know for future travel plans, we hope you’ll find this list to be helpful and informative!

Join us for a little trip across the pond…

Unitek EMT Looks at EMS in the United Kingdom

How to Call for Help

For the purposes of this post, we’ve taken our information from a source called Trek Medics International. According to their website, Trek Medics is a 501c3-registered nongovernmental organization (NGO) “dedicated to improving emergency medical systems in communities across the globe without reliable access to emergency care through innovative mobile phone technologies.”

So, how do you call an ambulance in the U.K.? Dialing 999 will connect you to EMS, police, and fire services. You might be wondering if you can call this number from anywhere. Trek Metrics states that 999 is accessible “throughout the entire United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey.” However, in Gibraltar the emergency number is: +350 200 79700.

Transportation and Payment

Your next question is probably about transportation. More specifically, you might be wondering how you’ll get transported to a hospital. According to Trek Metrics, there are various ambulance response types provided by National Health Service (NHS) Ambulances. Typically, a standard response team will include a paramedic and a technician.

Additionally, solo responders on motorbikes or cars might be utilized. On the other hand, busy urban areas may require Rapid Response Vehicles to provide care before an ambulance arrives. Trek Metrics also stated the following about EMS response in the U.K.:

“For more serious incidents with longer on-scene times—e.g., entrapment, motor vehicle collisions, mass-casualty incidents etc.—doctors who participate in voluntary Immediate Care Schemes may be mobilized directly by dispatch. Mobile Medical Teams (MMT) may also be dispatched from the nearest hospital in cases of, for example, terrorist attacks, which include emergency physicians and nurses, anesthetists, surgeons, and surgical nurses.”

When you seek emergency assistance with a 999 call center, your call will be assigned to one of three categories. The category is determined by Advanced Medical Priority Dispatch System software, which will sort your call into one of the below categories…

+ Category A: Immediately life-threatening medical condition.

+ Category B: Serious but not immediately life-threatening.

+ Category C: Neither immediately life-threatening nor serious.

Lastly, you might be wondering how you’ll pay for emergency services. According to Trek Metrics, the answer is actually quite simple: “Services provided through NHS Ambulances are free at point of delivery for residents and visitors, funded through general taxation.”

For more information, such as common emergencies, recommended vaccinations, and government oversight, be sure to visit Trek Medics before you take your trip!

A Quick Overview of Unitek EMT

If you’re not familiar with us, Unitek EMT strives to prepare aspiring Emergency Medical Technicians by providing them with an accelerated EMT program. Seasoned professionals educate our students through a combination of traditional learning, simulation training, and workshop-style classes.

Additionally, we offer a program with several variations to better accommodate our students. These include a 14-Day Boot Camp1 and an Expanded Online Hybrid at our Fremont Campus in Northern California. We also offer a modified version of the Boot Camp at our facility in Chandler, Arizona.

If you’d like more information, please contact us toll free at 888-790-1458!




1 Our 14-Day EMT Program in AZ and the 14-Day on-ground portion of the EMT Program in CA are taught in an intensive “boot camp” style, to simulate the fast pace of work expected on the job as an EMT. The California EMT Program also includes online instructional hours.

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