EMT Boot Camp

A career as an Emergency Medical Technician is typically a rewarding choice. While it takes a great deal of dedication, the benefits are quite numerous. If you’re considering a career in EMS, our “EMT Boot Camp” video captures the essence of EMT training as well as the exciting challenges ahead.

Where the Elite Come to Train

The video opens with a sign that says, “Where the Elite Come to Train.” We’re then given various glimpses into a Unitek EMT training ambulance. Several graduates of the program narrate as our eyes follow active training simulations.

“It’s a very hands-on course, and that’s sort of the benefit,” one graduate tells us. “It’s preparing us for the real world. I feel like I could extract someone from a car, know what I’m doing, and be confident in why I’m doing it. You’ve got to be ready to work hard, but it’s worth it in the end, it really is.”

While he speaks, action-packed training footage fills the video. In one scene, we see a female “victim” being ventilated. In others, you see students answering a mock-call and exiting the Unitek EMT ambulance. Overall, we watch varied footage of exhaustive trauma scenarios, ones with students decked out in full EMS career, victims stabilized on gurneys, and groups working as a tight unit in order to save lives.

“I’ve been a firefighter EMT for CAL FIRE since 2007,” another graduate tells us. “This is my second time going through the EMT program. I feel that, this time, I’m able to learn all the little details. I plan on going back to work for the 2013 fire season this summer, and hopefully next winter I can enroll in a paramedic program.” This is another great advantage for EMTs—the profession can serve as an excellent starting point in your healthcare career. Whether it’s a stepping stone or your ultimate destination, there will always be a place for EMS work.

In the video, a third graduate discusses his experience with Unitek EMT. “It’s unlike any other community college course. For example, we had Trauma Sunday,* where they were rolling over cars where we had to extricate patients. They actually simulated a multi-vehicle accident. It’s good for these students, and myself as well, to get hands on experience like that. It’s a two-week boot camp and it’s a lot of information in a short amount of time—it’s worth every penny.”

The final footage provides further insight into our EMT school. During the night, students engage in rigorous simulation training. Several medical mannequins are utilized to create these scenarios, including one with a severe abdominal wound and exposed intestines. As students race to stabilize the victim, the view quickly switches to students in other scenarios. One carries a flashlight while others escort their gurney to the ambulance. Another student steadily ventilates a different victim. The video ends with a helicopter landing on a field, and the following words flash across the screen: BECOME AN EMT TODAY.

Unitek’s EMT Program

Unitek’s EMT program is split into two components: about 50 hours of online coursework and a 14-Day Boot Camp. The online portion includes content related to incident management. Additionally, our distinctive approach includes a comprehensive, workshop-style Boot Camp. Taught by current experts, Unitek’s EMT courses provide students with the knowledge and skillset they’ll need when lives are on the line.

Many choose a career in EMS because they feel a true calling. If you’re interested in becoming an EMT, we would encourage you to learn more about our EMT program.

Join us at Unitek EMT!

* This event, formally known as “Trauma Sunday,” is now held on Saturdays.