Who Should Consider an EMT Career?

If you are considering a career in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), you have come to the right place. This post will explore the pros and cons of EMS training. The Emergency Medical Services field is growing rapidly right now. It is an exciting time to be an Emergency Medical Technician. But even on a […]

emt boot camp students go above and beyond

EMT Boot Camp Students Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

When you think of Emergency Medical Services, you probably think of heart-pounding action, heroic rescues, and dramatic life or death situations. While these things definitely happen over the course of an EMT career, they are (hopefully) few and far between. Some of the most memorable moments in an EMT’s career are the quietest and calmest. […]

EMS Moves Away from ‘You call, we haul’

The days of “You call, we haul” are nearing an end for EMS. A burgeoning movement called mobile integrated healthcare, which includes such initiatives as telemedicine, prevention campaigns, community paramedicine, and nurse triage lines, promises to move the EMS industry out of the realm of public safety and into the realm of healthcare. “EMS needs […]

Social Profiles Cut Both Ways for Job Seekers

One-third of healthcare organizations actively research a job candidate’s online profile before making a hiring decision, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. EMTs and paramedics, as the youngest and most Internet-oriented sector among allied health and public safety professionals, are particularly vulnerable to the risks of careless online behavior. “It would be my advice to […]

Rising to the Occasion in the Wake of a Tornado

Tragedy and devastation were not the only storylines born from the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. There were also the tales of bravery and compassion by the people who were compelled to help. From the medically-trained storm chasers, to the EMTs who traveled from across the country to help – the will of first-responders and volunteers is […]

boston emt revisits marathon bombings

Boston EMT Revisits Marathon Bombings

The harrowing images that appeared in the media after the Boston Marathon bombings will forever recall the horror of that day. For EMT Paul Mitchell, who was photographed as he helped wheel away a man who lost both his legs to the blast, the memories seared far deeper. In a recent interview with WBUR, a […]

businesses give 8m for detroit first responders

Businesses Give $8m for Detroit First Responders

The city of Detroit has received a boost from corporations who are hoping to make the struggling city a safer place. Penske Corp. Quicken Loans Inc., General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co., Chrysler Group LLC and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, together donated $8 million to improve the city’s fleet of emergency vehicles. “Working […]

Response Times Not the Benchmark for EMS Success

It stands to reason that the sooner you get to the scene of an accident the better, but response time may not in fact be the best benchmark for emergency medical services (EMS). According to the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), too much emphasis on speed may lead to increased risks and expenses for […]

unitek education hosts special event

Unitek Education Hosts Special Event- Operation Rolling Chaos

Unitek Education will reach another milestone in its mission to train the next wave of EMT professions on Sunday, 02/10/2013. Through Operation Rolling Chaos, Unitek Education will take their real-world scenarios used to teach their EMT boot camp* students to the next level with a goal to inform its community, its students and all tactical […]

What Makes a Rescue Worker?

First responders are a rare breed. They brave scorching fires to save trapped families; they jump into freezing rivers to save drowning victims; they dangle precariously from cables for the sake of other people’s safety. What makes someone choose such a dangerous and noble pursuit? The Love of Drama There is inherent danger to being […]