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Emergency Medical Technician – Nature of the Work and Training

An emergency medical technician, or EMT, is a trained caregiver, whose competent care and  quick reaction are extremely important in many cases when people’s lives depend on them. An EMT provides vital and immediate medical attention in cases such as automobile accidents, gunshot wounds, heart attacks, childbirth, drowning, and many other similar incidents. It is […]

Why a career in EMS?

1. Because our society depends upon EMT’s and paramedics to provide emergency medical care to its unfortunate ill and injured; regardless of time of day, weather condition, or the ability to pay for services rendered. Selfless individuals have always answered the call of persons in need, and in modern times those answering the call for […]

Tactical Medicine – Leading Emergency Response

“The fate of the wounded rest in the hands of the one that applies the first dressing.” -Nicholas Senn, M.D. Some are called SWAT Teams. Others are referred to as Special Response Teams. Some prefer being called Emergency Tactical Response units. By any name, they are the tactical units summoned to perform some of Law […]

emt boot camp for california and non-california students

EMT Boot Camp for California and non-California Students

Emergency medical technicians provide emergency care for sick or injured people and are responsible for safely transporting them to the nearest medical facility or hospital. The transportation to the hospital needs to be done as quickly as possible, and under the best conditions possible. EMTs are dispatched to the scene of an accident, or wherever […]

find the best emt school for your certification training

Find the Best EMT School for Your Certification Training

Training EMT starts with the basic level, and entry of each of the following levels requires the completion of the previous one(s). The EMT certification program for the first level falls into three categories of training. The first category focuses on training for basic life support, such as performing CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), Managing airways, […]

major changes for california emergency medical technicians

July 1, 2010 Marks Major Changes for California Emergency Medical Technicians

California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the AB 2917 bill into law and it is expected to create a great ripple of change through the emergency response industry. Proposed by the Assembly Majority Leader, Alberto Torrico (D-Newark), this law will require all emergency medical technicians (EMT) in California to get background checks among other requirements that […]

rescue trained paramedic different from a trained paramedic

How is a Rescue Trained Paramedic different from a Trained Paramedic?

Other than rescue personnel such as fire fighters, paramedics are one of the first professionals to arrive at the scene of any emergency. But paramedics sometimes have a skills challenge when they are the first to arrive at the emergency scene only to find the victim still trapped in a burning structure or under a […]

darien connecticut ems post 53

Darien Connecticut EMS Post 53

In the relatively small town of Darien, Connecticut, you’ll find the special the ambulance service for this town at Post 53. However, this is no ordinary EMS Post. This post is recognized nationally because of the unique staff, which is made up mostly of teenagers. Darien, Connecticut EMS Post 53 was first founded back in […]

increase your value as an on shift refinery safety inspector

Increase Your Value As An On Shift Refinery Safety Inspector with EMT Training

While sickness and accidents are unfortunate realities of the workplace, some jobs have increased hazard potential compared to others. Off shore oil refineries are known to have job hazards that can expose workers to a variety of risks, ranging from chemical exposure sickness to serious heavy machinery injuries. However, when you consider that refinery rigs […]