Another Look at Unitek EMT's Continuing Education Courses

Another Look at Continuing Education Courses

Another Look at Unitek EMT's Continuing Education Courses

At Unitek EMT, we have a number of continuing education courses for EMS workers. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a vital field that provides the public with first response treatment. Some EMS professionals take mandatory refresher courses, while others seek out continuing education to enhance their skillset.

Today, allow us to take you on a brief tour of our supplemental courses!

EMT Refresher Continuing Education Course

Taught by seasoned EMS professionals, our Refresher Course meets industry standards and provides participants with the necessary 24 hours of continuing education. It also gives participants the chance to complete a skills verification form for EMT state recertification.

During this rigorous, 3-day course, certified EMS instructors will teach workshop-style classes with various practical components. Check out our stats below for a quick outline of the Refresher Course…

Refresher Stats

+ Duration: 3 days

+ Instructors: All instructors are certified EMS professionals

+ Certification: Provides 24 hours of continuing education credit and opportunity to complete skills verification for EMT state recertification.

Basic Life Support Continuing Education Course

Next up is the Basic Life Support (BLS) Continuing Education Course. This particular course is intended for healthcare personnel who must learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other cardiovascular life support skills. Without a doubt, this knowledge may one day help save a life!

According to the American Heart Association, there are 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests every year in the United States. Only about 46% of people who experience this type of event get the help they need before EMS personnel arrive. The BLS Course at Unitek EMT strives to combat these statistics by training participants to quickly recognize various emergencies, perform quality chest compressions, deliver appropriate ventilations, and provide early use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

BLS Stats

+ Duration: Approximately 4 hours, including skills practice and skills testing.

+ Instructors: All Instructors are current AHA BLS Certified Instructors.

+ Certification: AHA BLS Course Completion Card is valid for two years.

Course Outline

+ Lesson 1: Course Introduction
+ Lesson 2: 1-Rescuer Adult BLS
+ Lesson 3: AED and Bag-Mask Device
+ Lesson 4: 2-Rescuer Adult BLS
+ Lesson 5: Team Dynamics
+ Lesson 6: High-Performance Teams Activity
+ Lesson 7: Child BLS
+ Lesson 8: Infant BLS
+ Lesson 9: Special Considerations
+ Lesson 10: Adult and Child Choking
+ Lesson 11: Infant Choking
+ Lesson 12: Conclusion
+ Lesson 13: Exam
+ Lesson 14: Adult CPR and AED Skills Test
+ Lesson 15: Infant CPR Skills Test
+ Lesson 16: Remediation

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Continuing Education Course

Our third and final course is not for the faint of heart. In other words, the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Continuing Education Course is true to its name. Healthcare professionals who are looking for an innovative ACLS class might want to consider Unitek EMT. We equip participants with the skills to function as a team to increase chances of survivability in various cases. These include cardiac arrest, acute coronary syndrome (ACS), and stroke events.

ACLS Stats

+ Duration:

  • ACLS Initial Course: Approximately 12 hours (two days)
  • ACLS Update Course: Approximately 6 hours

+ Instructors: All instructors are current ACLS American Heart Association instructors.

+ Certification: ACLS course completion card is valid for two years.

Course Outline

+ Lesson 1: Life Is Why
+ Lesson 2: Science of Resuscitation
+ Lesson 3: Systematic Approach
+ Lesson 4: High Quality BLS
+ Lesson 5: Airway Management
+ Lesson 6: Acute Coronary Syndrome
+ Lesson 7: Acute Ischemic Stroke
+ Lesson 8: Team Dynamics
+ Lesson 9: Megacode
+ Lesson 10: Post Cardiac Care
+ Lesson 11: Intraosseous Access

More About Unitek EMT

At Unitek EMT, we strive to prepare aspiring Emergency Medical Technicians by providing them with EMT training and an accelerated EMT program. Experts in the EMS field educate our students through a combination of traditional learning, simulation training, and workshop-style classes.

Additionally, we offer a program with several variations to better accommodate our students. These include a 14-Day Boot Camp1 at our Fremont Campus in Northern California, and a modified version of the Boot Camp at our facility in Chandler, Arizona. If you’d like more information, please contact us toll free at 888-790-1458.

Change your future with Unitek EMT!




1 Our 14-Day EMT Program in AZ and the 14-Day on-ground portion of the EMT Program in CA are taught in an intensive “boot camp” style, to simulate the fast pace of work expected on the job as an EMT. The California EMT Program also includes online instructional hours.

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