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Don’t worry if you’re new to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) or haven’t had a chance to do as much research as you’d like. There are many stellar resources at your fingertips, and we’ve put together a list of them for you! Of course, these are only some of the resources you’ll find for EMS professionals.

For now, we hope you’ll find this list helpful!


1. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT): You are probably familiar with this amazing organization. According to their website, the NREMT “serves as the Nation’s Emergency Medical Services Certification organization. The mission of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians has always been centered on protecting the public and advancing the EMS profession.” 1

       This comprehensive website runs the gamut of the EMS spectrum. Not only do they provide critical information for certification and recertification, but they do so for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs), and Paramedics. They also provide numerous resources for EMS professionals, including this featured job listing.

2. EMS1: This is another great website that provides various resources for EMS workers. Along with a career page for both job seekers and EMS recruiters, they also provide the latest job news, the latest EMS news in general, training opportunities, countless articles and blog posts, and so much more. Check out this article for “29 best tips, books and resources for EMS providers.”

3. EMS Job Center: This website is exactly what it says on the tin—a very helpful center for job seekers and employers alike! Here you’ll find a lengthy list of available jobs, job alerts, resources, and resume management. Employers, on the other hand, will find products, a resume bank, candidate management, and more.

4. Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS): At JEMS, you’ll have access to information about patient care, the latest news, administration and leadership, training, operations, major incidents, and mobile integrated healthcare. Along with a section dedicated to jobs and webcasts, you’ll also find authors, an editorial board, columns, supplements, and the journal, among others!


Without a doubt, EMS workers provide an invaluable service. If you read this list and found yourself considering a career as an EMT, you might want to check out our EMT program at Unitek EMT. Our California and Arizona locations both hold boot camp style EMT training, and California will offer an Expanded Online Hybrid version of the EMT Program.

For more information about Unitek EMT, please contact us toll-free at 888-790-1458.


1 https://www.nremt.org/rwd/public/document/about

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  1. Travis Dietz
    Travis Dietz says:


    How do I get into the California programs? I can’t find any information about them on your website!

    Thank you,

    • Unitek EMT
      Unitek EMT says:

      Thank you for reaching out to us about Unitek EMT! We actually do not offer a California program any longer. Our EMT program is now located in Chandler, Arizona. For more information, please reach out to us at 888-790-1458. You can also learn more about our boot camp here: https://www.unitekemt.com/boot-camp/


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