Unitek EMT Ramps Up Training Programs

Tempe, Arizona– January25, 2022 – In response to the critical shortage of emergency medical technicians (EMTs), Unitek EMT moved to a larger campus in the Tempe area and is adding more starts dates for its innovative 14-Day EMTBoot Camp.

The Covid pandemic has had a crippling effect on the already existing shortage of paramedics and EMTs. According to a recent report by NBC News, the higher volume of 9-1-1 calls, the fear of infection, and the safeguards that EMTs must take to protect themselves have resulted in many leaving the field.

“Unitek EMTis responding to this shortage and will be training more EMTs,” said Janis Paulson, CEO at Unitek Learning. “We’ve moved to a larger campus and added more cohorts to our BootCamp program. We’ve already increased our enrollment by more than 100 students over the last year, and we’re just getting started.”

Taught by experienced EMT professionals, the 14-Day EMT Boot Camp combines interactive classroom instruction, hands-on training, and realistic clinical simulations. The intensity of the training prepares EMT graduates to react quickly, overcome obstacles, and save lives under real-world conditions.

“Because our Boot Camp prepares EMTs in just 14 days, Unitek EMT is uniquely qualified to help replenish the EMT workforce,” explained David Higley, CMO at Unitek Learning. “Our campus is located near the Phoenix airport, and local hotels offer discounts to our students. This allows people to attend our training from anywhere in the country.”

“At Unitek, we are dedicated to preparing the next generation of top-notch EMTs and helping them with their ongoing success,” said Paulson.“To the dedicated EMS professionals who remain on the frontlines, we say thank you, and help is on the way.”

To learn more aboutthe Unitek EMT14-Day Boot Camp, visit https://www.unitekemt.com/boot-camp/.