Top 14 Blogs and Podcasts for EMTs and Paramedics

Gain valuable insights, real-world news, and the latest trends in EMS.

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Continuous learning and staying updated are of paramount importance for EMTs and paramedics, as the field of emergency medical services is constantly evolving. New medical techniques, equipment, and protocols emerge, and it’s crucial for these healthcare professionals to stay abreast of the latest advancements to provide the best care for their patients. Staying informed not only enhances patient outcomes but also ensures the safety of the first responders themselves. To facilitate this ongoing education, this article serves as a valuable resource by offering a curated list of top blogs and podcasts specifically tailored for EMTs and paramedics. These recommended sources provide valuable insights, share real-world experiences, and discuss the latest trends, making it easier for these dedicated healthcare providers to access the information they need to excel in their demanding and dynamic profession.

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7 Blogs for EMTs & Paramedics

Blogs for EMTs and paramedics are essential because they serve as dynamic platforms for sharing industry insights, best practices, and the latest developments. These blogs provide a space where professionals can access a wealth of valuable information, case studies, and expert opinions, all of which contribute to their continuous learning and skill enhancement. In the ever-evolving field of emergency medicine, staying updated is crucial, and blogs offer a convenient and readily accessible source of knowledge that helps ensure that EMTs and paramedics are well-prepared to provide the highest quality care to patients.

Here is a list of 7 blogs to consider:

  1. EMS1 Daily News: EMS1 Daily News is the blog channel for, the most popular destination for Paramedics and EMTs. The blog provides breaking EMS news and trends that can be delivered straight to your inbox.
  2. Everyday EMS Tips: This blog by Greg Friese, MS, NRP is an author, educator paramedic, and marathon runner. He provides tips, resources, and study aids for EMTs, Paramedics, students, and educators.
  3. Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS): In the JEMS Editor Blog, Editor-in-chief A.J Heightman has 30 some years of EMS experience behind his back, making for an excellent blog. He posts a couple of times a month, and his posts are typically short but engaging and thought-provoking.
  4. Reddit Paramedics: Part advice column, part discussion group, Reddit Paramedics offers a little bit of everything. Get advice on managing a relationship when your job is high-stress. Learn how to talk to your boss about ethical issues. Seek support when you need it. This subreddit leaves posters in a potentially isolating field, feeling less alone.
  5. Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic: This blog by author and paramedic Peter Canning chronicles a little bit of everything, models how to handle challenging issues, and presents meaningful points of discussion to bat around with friends and colleagues.
  6. FOAMfrat: Serving as a sort of one-stop shop for emergency medicine providers, FOAMfrat serves up a steady dose of podcasts, continuing education seminars, and thoughtful blog posts tackling pressing questions, best practices, and scientific innovations.
  7. Survivor Medic: Survivor Medic is a blog for those interested in more than just EMS-specific content. Writer Jake Griebe has been a full-time paramedic since 2002, but he has also been involved with the Marine Corps infantry, teaching wilderness classes and survival classes. Because he writes about anything and everything he is feeling, his blog is refreshingly diverse.

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7 Podcasts for EMTs & Paramedics

Podcasts offer significant value to EMTs and paramedics by providing accessible and convenient resources for professional development and education. These audio programs allow emergency medical professionals to stay updated on the latest medical techniques, protocols, and industry trends while on the go, whether during commutes or downtime. Podcasts also offer a platform for sharing personal experiences, case studies, and insights, fostering a sense of community and continuous learning within the EMT and paramedic community. They serve as a valuable complement to formal training and can enhance the skills and knowledge required for providing high-quality patient care in the fast-paced world of emergency medical services.

Here is a list of the 7 podcasts to consider:

  1. Inside EMS Podcast: Inside EMS, a podcast series that features host Chris Cebollero and brings expert perspective to hot topics, clinical issues, and operational and leadership lessons to EMS personnel and leaders to be safe and successful. It’s available for download on iTunes and SoundCloud.
  2. Medic2Medic Podcast: The podcast, by Steven Cohen, takes a look at how individuals got their start in Emergency Medical Services and explores their dedication to the EMS profession. It’s available for download on iTunesStitcher, and online.
  3. Within the Trenches: Ricardo Martinez, the host and creator of this podcast, has 17 years of experience in public safety. Martinez’s goal is to tell the story of every dispatcher he meets in an informative, humorous, serious, and eye-opening way to the world of dispatch. It can be heard on iTunesStitcherSoundCloud, and iHeartRadio.
  4. EMS Office Hours: This weekly Live podcast by Jim Hoffman discusses EMS topics that are important to the paramedic and EMT field provider. It’s available for download on iTunes and online.
  5. MCHD Paramedic Podcast: This weekly podcast from Montgomery County Hospital provides clinical insights relevant to prehospital care, with frequent special guests known throughout the EMS industry. Listen to new and previous episodes on iTunes and SoundCloud.
  6. Medic Mindset: Ginger Locke, a paramedic and professor, interviews paramedics face-to-face in a long, intimate format. She thoughtfully asks her guests to open up about their mindset, routines, mistakes, thought processes, and lessons hard-learned. It’s available for download on iTunesSoundCloud, and online.
  7. Second Shift: Mike Verkest, paramedic and EMS training officer, and Dr. Ritu Sahni, MD, MPH, discuss all things emergency medicine, including current topics, trends, and advocacy. It’s available for download on iTunes.

Benefits of Following EMT & Paramedic Blogs and Podcasts

EMTs and paramedics play a crucial role in emergency medical care and staying informed through blogs and podcasts offers several distinct advantages for these professionals. Firstly, these platforms can significantly contribute to their professional development and ongoing education. By regularly consuming content from trusted sources, EMTs and paramedics can expand their knowledge base, learn about the latest techniques, and stay updated on evolving best practices. This not only enhances their skills but also ensures that they provide the best possible care to patients.

Furthermore, blogs and podcasts serve as valuable resources for keeping EMTs and paramedics informed about the latest industry trends, protocols, and research. In the ever-evolving field of emergency medicine, being aware of new developments is crucial for maintaining high-quality care standards. These platforms often feature expert interviews, case studies, and discussions on emerging technologies and treatments, providing EMTs and paramedics with up-to-date information that can be directly applied to their work. Additionally, following blogs and podcasts can help foster a sense of community among EMTs and paramedics. These platforms often host discussions and forums where professionals can share their experiences, challenges, and insights.

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The key takeaways from the article highlight the advantages of EMTs and paramedics staying informed through blogs and podcasts. These platforms offer ongoing education and professional development opportunities, keeping practitioners updated on industry trends, protocols, and research. Additionally, they foster a sense of community, facilitating knowledge sharing and networking among professionals. Continuous learning and staying updated are of paramount importance in the field of EMT and paramedicine. With evolving best practices, emerging technologies, and changing protocols, professionals must strive to enhance their skills and knowledge continually. This commitment to learning not only ensures the provision of high-quality care but also promotes personal and professional growth.

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