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Unitek Education to Host Mass Emergency Incident on February 10th

FREMONT, CAUnitek Education along with several tactical teams, local law enforcement, firefighting agencies and military personal will be collaborating for a mass casualty emergency simulation to educate and prepare for the next Bay Area major disaster. In total, this nonprofit event is a product of 15 agencies and is expected to educate 400+ attendees. The event, titled Operation Rolling Chaos, is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. on Sunday, February 10th in Fremont, CA.

“The goal of this event is to educate our community, the agencies involved and mainly our students,” said Eric O’Neal, Unitek Education’s lead EMT instructor. Eric added, “We are giving these tactical teams who may not have the opportunity to work together, the chance to learn from each other so that when a real emergency like Loma Preita or Hurricane Sandy happens, we are all better prepared.”

Operation Rolling Chaos is open to our local community to attend. Unitek Education is encouraging anyone who is interested in disaster preparedness to attend this event. Attendees of this event will leave with a new understanding of how tactical teams operate during a mass casualty incident. “No one wants a disaster to happen, but the fact is they do,” O’Neal said. “If our emergency response teams, volunteers, and community at large should take away one thing, it would be that we were proactively preparing. People may say that there is no way to be 100% prepared, but it won’t stop us from trying.”

This large training scenario will be centered on the breaking of the Anderson Dam near Morgan Hill. In 2009, Santa Clara Valley Water District concluded from a study that the dam may break if a 6.6 magnitude or 7.2 magnitude earthquakes were to hit within a mile. It has been projected that once the dam breaks, a 35-foot wall of water will engulf downtown Morgan Hill and its surrounding areas. EMT’s will be the first to arrive, but once realizing the scope of the disaster will call in back up from military agencies. To mimic this large scale disaster Operation Rolling Chaos commissioned the use of 12 cars, 1 bus, 8 ambulances, and the landing of 3 helicopters.

About Unitek Education
Unitek Education is a privately held company dedicated to producing the next wave of emergency medical technicians by enforcing real-life and hands-on training. Over 3,000 EMTs have graduated from Unitek Education EMT 14-day boot camp*.

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