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10 Best Gift Ideas for EMTs and Paramedics

“There is no higher honor than to be given the responsibility to care for another human being.”

— Richard K. Schachern

Is there a special EMT or paramedic in your life for whom you’d like to find the perfect gift?

It could be to celebrate their birthday, holiday, graduation, new job, or promotion. Or perhaps you just want to thank them for all they do to serve our community.

There are countless reasons to honor our medical first responders. No doubt, their heroic actions during the current pandemic is more than enough reason to express to them our deepest gratitude.

The truth is there may not be just one perfect gift that can adequately express the respect we all have for these frontline heroes.

But there are thousands of popular EMT gift ideas that they may appreciate. These include tools, accessories, apparel, novelties, and services—many of which were designed specifically for EMS professionals.

To help you find the perfect gift for your first responder, we present to you our 10 favorite gift ideas for EMTs and Paramedics. These gift ideas have been featured on a variety of EMS websites and social media discussions. We also included customer reviews and links to each of our recommendations.

In case you don’t find what you’re looking for in our list, we also spotlighted four online retailers specializing in a variety of products for EMTs and paramedics.

1. Leatherman Tread Metric

What Makes the Leatherman Tread Metric the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

With the Leatherman Tread Metric, the right tool is always at hand. Tread is 25 hardworking tools that you wear on your wrist. This includes Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, hex and box wrenches, carbide glass breaker, cutting hook and a bottle opener. This travel-friendly, wearable multi-tool lets you get it done, no matter where you go—it’s even allowed on airplanes! There’s an optional Swiss-made timepiece that’s water-resistant and shock resistant.

Leatherman Tread Metric Cost:

The Leatherman Tread retails at $149.95.

You may also be also be qualified to purchase this gift in four installments of $37.49.

Masculine bracelet

Leatherman Tread Metric Reviews

Here’s what verified customers on the Leatherman website had to say about the Tread Metric:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Very cool. “This is a masculine bracelet which is made rugged and very well. It runs on the large size and fits a larger wrist perfectly.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Functional man-jewelry. “The TREAD multi-tool is fantastic! I just wish the entire bracelet fit my skinny wrist. I removed the 12mm and cutting hook links in order to get it to fit properly. No issues with it releasing itself. The second day I wore it two women recognized it immediately and liked it.”

Where Can You Buy the Leatherman Tread Metric?

You can order the Leatherman Tread Metric from the Leatherman website.

2. Firefighter Captain Black Turnout Gear Wallet

Durable wallet

What Makes the Firefighter Captain Black Turnout Gear Wallet the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

This gift idea is a big hit with firefighter EMTs and paramedics. Available in both black and tan, these durable wallets are made from authentic fire department turnout gear with a genuine leather interior. Customizations are also available, as wallets can be personalized with the name of your choice!

Firefighter Captain Black Turnout Gear Wallet Cost:

The Firefighter Captain Black Turnout Gear Wallet costs $32.50.

Firefighter Captain Black Turnout Gear Wallet Reviews

Here’s what some verified customers on Amazon had to say about the Firefighter Captain Black Turnout Gear Wallet:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ BEST WALLET EVER!! Even I’m jealous. “This wallet is hands down F#&ken amazing!! I bought this for my boyfriend & the wallet is very put together & there is no smell either. All of his credit cards & pictures fit very well as well. My Boyfriend’s Eye Got So Wide After I Mentioned What The Material Was Recycled from. Overall, I’m truly grateful for this and the shipping was very fast too! Ladies & guys If you’re LOOKING for a wallet that you can’t find in stores now, buy this FAST, you won’t regret it!!!!!!!!!!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ It was exactly what my son wanted. “It was exactly what my son wanted. I can’t remember the last time he got so excited when he opened a gift from me!”

Where Can You Buy the Firefighter Captain Black Turnout Gear Wallet?

These wallets are available on


3. MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope

What Makes the MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

Medics often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders, so anything that can lighten the load helps. Made of titanium, the MD One Epoch Stethoscope is as strong and durable as steel but 40% lighter. Other features include an ergonomic headset with 3 ear tip sizes, dual-headed chest piece, and a full-rotation acoustic valve stem. Best of all, the MD One Epoch comes with free parts for life!

MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope Cost:

The MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope currently retails at $69.99

You may also be able to add an engraved message for an additional $14.95.

Online Seller:  MDF Instruments

Row of stethoscopes

MD One Titanium Stethoscope Reviews

Here are a couple of the positive reviews for the MD One Titanium Stethoscope, directly from the MDF Instruments website:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Amazing Quality Stethoscope. “Love this product. This company and their stethoscopes never disappoint! Amazing quality!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I will only buy this stethoscope from now on. “Excellent stethoscope. First time I’ve bought MDF. Would buy again!”

Where Can you Buy the MD One Titanium Stethoscope?

The MD One Titanium Stethoscopes can be purchased on the office brand website, here.


4. First Tactical Softshell (Quarter Zip) Job Shirt

What Makes First Tactical’s Job Shirt the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

This soft shell, quarter-zip job shirt is water resistant, breathable, windproof, and warm. The classic styled work shirt features a flexible 4-way stretch outer shell, a front drop-in chest pocket, a durable double-layer elbow, and convenient mic loops integrated into the front design for easy accessibility. This softshell job shirt will keep your EMT or paramedic warm and comfortable, while providing quality and style.

First Tactical Softshell Job Shirt Cost:

First Tactical’s Softshell Quarter Zip Job Shirt currently retails at around $89.99.

Black clothes for men

First Tactical Softshell Job Shirt Reviews

Here’s what some verified customers on the First Tactical website had to say about the Soft Shell Quarter Zip Job Shirt:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Great shirt. “Great fit, very durable.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Love this shirt. “It’s awesome, warm dry and cuts the wind.”

Where Can You Buy the First Tactical Softshell Job Shirt?

The First Tactical Softshell Job Shirt can be purchased on the office brand website, here.

5. 5.11 A.T.A.C. 2.0 Side Zip Boot

What Makes the A.T.A.C. 2.0 Side Zip Boot the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

Worn by the world’s leading public safety personnel, the A.T.A.C. Side Zip Boot is lighter and more comfortable than most boots, yet maintains toughness and durability. A new air flow tongue and full-length dual durometer Ortholite® footbed work to keep your first responder’s feet cool, dry, and comfortable all day, every day. Another new feature, the Achilles heel flex zone, gives a critical part of the foot more range of motion without compromising support.

A.T.A.C. 2.0 Side Zip Boot Cost:

The 5.11 A.T.A.C. 2.0 Side Zip currently retails for $99.99

Black boots

A.T.A.C. 2.0 Side Zip Boot Reviews

Here’s what verified customers on the 5.11 website had to say about the A.T.A.C. 2.0 Side Zip Boot:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The MOST Comfortable Boots I’ve Ever Owned. “I know this phrase gets tossed around a lot but these truly are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned (and right out of the box even, no lengthy break in period). I’ve tried Bates, Thorogood, and Danner to name a few. If you work in public safety, are on your feet all day, or are just looking for some comfortable boots, you don’t have to look any further. I’m a fireman and these are my daily station/duty boots. In addition to the amazing feel of these boots, I love the side zip feature for quick on and off.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Fantastic Boot. “5.11 ATAC boots are my go to choice for foot wear. I’ve been wearing versions of this boot for years, both 6” and 8” versions of the boot. They’re durable and fairly light weight. If you’re looking for a duty or work boot, these are a great option. One of the best things of this boot is the side zip feature, it makes putting them on and taking them off much easier and quicker. The black boot can also fit in a work/office environment as the can almost pass as dress shoes.”

Where Can You Buy the A.T.A.C. 2.0 Side Zip Boot?

The A.T.A.C. 2.0 Side Zip Boot can be purchased on the office 5.11 website, here.

6. Rescue Chic Clothing

EMS apparel for women

What Makes Rescue Chic Clothing the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

Rescue Chic is a clothing line for female medics by female medics. Dannie Myers, an EMT and RN, founded Rescue Chic to celebrate and support female professionals in the male-dominated EMS field. The brand offers shirts, hoodies, headbands, athletic wear, and kids clothing. A portion of all proceeds from their apparel go toward enrichment programs that help women succeed in helping others.

Rescue Chic Cost:

Most items on the Rescue Chic website sell anywhere from $20 to $40.

Online Seller: Rescue Chic

Rescue Chic Clothing Reviews

Here’s what customers had to say about Rescue Chic clothing on their website:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Amazing! “I’ve been wanting to order from rescue chic for a long time and I finally did it! Not only did they call to verify sizes, but they were so sweet and helpful. I got my items super fast and I am in love with them. They fit great and I’ve gotten tons of compliments on them. I am so excited to have feminine fire rescue shirts.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Loved My Hoodie.  “Great for the chilly mornings! Sleeves are a bit long, but not a big deal for me! I love the design.”

Where Can You Buy Rescue Chic Apparel?

All of their products can be found on the Recue Chic website.

7. Java Medic Coffee

What Makes Java Medic Coffee the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

Medics run on coffee. Send your favorite EMT or paramedic a gourmet coffee gift basket to help them through the long and challenging shifts. Java Medic offers a variety of gourmet coffees with EMS and medical themes, including bradycardic breakfast blends and tachycardic dark roasts.

Java Medic Coffee Cost:

Java Medic’s gourmet coffee gift basket is sold for $60

Online Seller: Java Medic

Healthcare workers as coffee beans

Java Medic Coffee Reviews

Here’s what customers said about Java Medic on Facebook, where it received a 4.9 (out of 5_ in customer reviews:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Delicious selection. Fast shipping. Friendly owners.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Awesome product with GREAT customer service!!”

Where Can You Buy Java Medic Coffee?

All Java Medic Coffee products can be ordered on their website.

8. G-Shock G-Rescue Series Men’s Watch

What Makes the G-Shock G-Rescue Series Watch the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

From the G-Shock, the watch that delivers unmatched toughness, comes a new level of protection. The G-Shock G-Rescue Series Men’s Watch is a smaller, easy-to-use digital watch that’s affordable. A comfortable watch that won’t crowd your first responder’s wrist while they work. The G-Shock G-Rescue Series Can handle low temperatures (down to -4ºF). A tide and moon display, 1/100th second stopwatch, countdown timer and auto-calendar are among its many functional features.

G-Shock G-Rescue Series Men’s Watch Cost:

The G-Rescue Series watch currently sells for $99.

Red watch

G-Rescue Series Men’s Watch Reviews

Here’s what customers said about the G-Shock G-Rescue Series Men’s Watch (G7900A) on Amazon, where it received a 4.8 out of 5 in customer reviews:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ You can never go wrong with a G-Shock. “It’s a G-Shock. Sturdy, durable, great looks and size. Display is very clear and readable. My wrist is 7.25″ in circumference and it fits me well. With my size wrist I buckle the watch using one of the holes in the middle of the band. Nice bright color will definitely get you looks. Once I un-boxed the watch I had the time set in about 6 minutes total and that was by reading the included instructions. Had I done it on my own it may have been a little quicker.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Get one! I have been wearing this g-shock for a couple months now, at my job as an EMT. This is my first g-shock and I’m glad I spent a few more $ to get a quality piece of gear. First impressions: Well made, extremely comfortable, and not too big for my smallish wrists. Usually, watches tend to be uncomfortable cause they slide/cant/turn over on my small wrists. Not so with this and I believe the wings/guards on this particular model are the solution. I decided to get this in rescue red because 1: black is boring. 2: I’m in public safety. 3: I might join a Search and Rescue team.”

Where Can You Buy the G-Shock Rescue Series Watch?

Although, the watch is currently sold out on G-Shock’s website, it is available on Amazon, currently selling for $96.81.

9. Streamlight ProTac EMS Flashlight

What Makes the Streamlight ProTac EMS Flashlight the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

Compact and powerful, the ProTac EMS Flashlight features offers low, medium, and high intensity modes. Its small size and long run time make it the perfect light for EMTs and paramedics. Use the low setting to check pupil contraction and the medium setting is ideal for non-glare wound examination. The ProTac EMS includes the latest C4 LED technology. It’s impervious to shock and has a 50,000-hour lifetime.

Streamlight ProTac EMS Flashlight Cost:

You can purchase the Stramlight ProTac EMS Flashlight for as low as $35.49

Online Seller: Amazon

EMS flashlight


Streamlight ProTac EMS Flashlight Reviews

Here’s what verified customers said about Streamlight ProTac EMS Flashlight on Amazon:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Better than Surefire for the Price! “Absolutely fantastic! I’m a retired state trooper and in the Army Reserve. This light is beyond belief at over 620 lumens! I refuse to pay for a Surefire light when this one is 1/4 to 1/3 the cost for a top shelf product. I compared it to my Army issued Surefire and the Streamlight was of comparable quality and WAY brighter, not to mention smaller. A buddy of mine on a local SWAT team was very impressed with this light. It is very well constructed and comes with an extended wire finger on/off switch or you can use the push button switch on the back of the light.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Almost the perfect patrol flashlight. “I’m using high quality 18650 olight batteries, not sure of the runtime but it is at least an hour on full. This thing is super bright and lights up everything with the perfect balance of throw and spill. High is brighter than the car spot-light, it blazes through tinted windows and gives a great view of the inside. It is a great size and the grip is really fantastic in a gloved or bare hand. Makes a good club when needed. It fits in a duty belt ring with no problem and is easy to carry. I’ve dropped tested it onto pavement multiple times and it is surviving (so far).”

Where Can You Buy the Streamlight ProTac EMS Flashlight?

If you visit the Streamlight website, you can use their partner locator tool to find the closest retailer to your location. is currently selling it for $35.49.

10. EMT AEMT Star Life T-Shirt

Man wearing EMT shirt EMT shirt

What Makes the EMT AEMT Star Life T-Shirt the Perfect Gift for EMTs and Paramedics?

This durable, high quality t-shirt proudly proclaims, “I am an EMT.” The t-shirt features unisex modern fit sizing, which means it’s slightly tapered to be a little less boxy than the old style of mass-market t-shirt. The shirt is a mid-weight fabric made from 100% USA-grown cotton. The design was drawn and screen printed with pride in Ann Arbor, using top quality inks.

EMT AEMT Star Life T-Shirt Cost:

You can buy the EMT AEMT Star Life T-Shirt for as low as $14.95

Online Seller: Amazon

EMT AEMT Star Life T-Shirt Reviews

Here’s what verified customers said about the EMT AEMT Star Life T-Shirt on Amazon:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Great work shirt. “I work as an EMT but we provide our own uniform clothing. The shirt is comfortable and clearly displays my title so patients know who to come to at my facility. Appreciate the quality product. I’ve been wearing it and washing it 3 days a week for the last several months and no shrinkage, which is always a plus!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ This company makes amazing shirts. “The quality of the fabric is really good and you can’t be the price. However, make sure you size up because the do shrink some. I wear XL and I’ve bought 4 shirts from them so far and ordered all 2XL and after a wash/dry they all fit like XL shirts. Just remember to size up but that goes with most all shirts. Really really good quality shirts and the print holds up well. Highly recommend this company. Go Michigan!!!”

Where Can You Buy the EMT AEMT Star Life T-Shirt?

The Ann Arbor T-shirt company, that makes these shirts, is currently selling them on Amazon for less than $15.

Websites with a Wealth of EMT Gifts

Below are four websites featuring more than a thousand popular gifts for EMTs and paramedics.

1. Amazon

Amazon features thousands of gifts specifically for EMTs and paramedics. This includes fashionable EMT pullover hoodie, utilitarian first-responder medical bag, and a Guardian Angel Auto Visor Clip. There is also a selection of fun novelty-type gifts, including a lunch box labeled “Human Organ for Transplant,” a t-shirt with the slogan “You Fall We Haul.”

Website: EMT gift ideas on Amazon

2. Etsy

A large and eclectic selection of EMT swag and novelties can be found Esty. This includes t-shirts, coffee mugs, jewelry, key rings, decals, door mats and tools. There’s a t-shirt that asks the question: “I’m your EMT. What stupid thing did you just do?” and a coffee mug that says “Cute enough to stop your heart. Skilled enough to restart it.” Many of the products you find on Etsy can also be personalized.

Website: EMT gift ideas on Etsy

3. Redbubble

Redbubble showcases more than a thousand gift ideas for EMTs and paramedics. There are gifts for first responders who are friends, parents, kids, and spouses.  This includes hundreds and hundreds of t-shirts with designs to reflect every personality. One t-shirt proudly explains “I never dreamed I’d be a super cool EMT, but here I am killing it!” Another t-shirt says “You can’t fix stupid, but you can sedate it.”

Website: EMT gift ideas on Redbubble

4. The EMS Store

For all the things that EMTs and paramedics want, there’s The EMS Store. Broken into gifts by cost, ranging from under $10 to over $150, the EMS Store offers a wide variety of gifts geared toward EMTs, paramedics, nurses and healthcare professionals. This includes apparel, jewelry, stethoscopes, CPR shields, EMS board games, and much more.

Website: EMT gift ideas on The EMS Store

Final Thoughts

Our top 10 list includes some of the most popular tools, clothing, novelties, and accessories for EMTs and paramedics. These special gifts may help first responders do their job, laugh about it, take pride in it, or look good while doing it. There are items to help them gear up for their day, relax after a hard shift, and have fun on and off the job.

No matter the occasion—and even if there is no occasion—your EMS professional will appreciate your thoughtfulness. It’s a great way show our appreciation to these unsung heroes for everything they do.

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