Seven Stories of EMS Heroes

EMS Heroes

Seven Stories of EMS Heroes

What, exactly, is the definition of a hero? According to Merriam-Webster, a hero is “a person admired for achievements and noble qualities” or “one who shows great courage.” It goes without saying that there are countless heroes within the EMS community. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the inspirational first responders from 2019.

Each of these stories comes directly from EMS1, a fantastic website that supports the men and women in emergency medical services. Below are just a few of the tales they’ve told…

Seven Stories of EMS Heroes

  1. Off-duty FF-medic praised for helping man shocked by electrical line: “Ted Bowers, a firefighter-paramedic, was moving in across the street from the Warren County complex on East Silver Street in Lebanon, Ohio, when a ‘possible electrocution’ was reported. ‘He heard the commotion across the street and kind of took charge,’ Lebanon Fire Chief Steve Johnson said. ‘The gentleman is very lucky to be alive.’”
  2. Six PA. first responders honored for saving woman in cardiac arrest: “Taylor Allen, 21, suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest on July 31 at her grandmother’s home in Penn Hills. EMS Supervisor Diane Fitzhenry said the young woman likely would not have survived if it weren’t for the quick action of six of the municipality’s emergency responders.”
  3. Hospital pays tribute to paramedic who saved six lives as an organ donor: “VUMC Voice reported that staff members in Vanderbilt Health’s Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit lined the hallways to honor Kyle Fisher, a paramedic who donated his heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and tissue on Feb. 9, as his hospital bed was moved to the operating room. His donations saved six lives.”
  4. FDNY EMT’s quick thinking saves man’s severed arm: “Francis Jost, who was covering a shift for his colleague, was able to pack the arm in ice because he knew of a nearby bar where he could get supplies. ‘I heard the cop on the radio say, ‘No, I found the arm.’ Once I heard ‘limb’ on the radio, I thought ice, hospital, go!’” Jost said.
  5. Firefighters ditch ambulance to rescue patient on icy road: “Firefighters in suburban St. Louis gave up on using an ambulance after roads became dangerously icy and instead used a stretcher to walk a patient about a mile to a hospital.”
  6. Paramedics honored for assisting in dangerous arrest: “Lambton EMS paramedics Blake Smith and Mark Duffy helped defuse an ‘extremely violent’ scene where one officer was injured.” The paramedics received an award for saving a life and assisting in the dangerous arrest.
  7. Man reunites with EMS director who saved his life, inspired him to become paramedic: “Sean Marquis said he felt ‘amazement and pride’ when meeting Austin Neuhaus, whom he helped keep alive after Neuhaus’s truck crashed into a tree in 2016.”

For more inspirational stories, be sure to check out the EMS1 series that’s dedicated to first responder heroes!

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