Medical professional in front of a Christmas tree

10 Tips for EMTs Working Holidays

Tips for EMTs Who Work Holiday Shifts

Medical professional in front of a Christmas tree

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) work is essential to the health and well-being of our communities. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are asked to put themselves in difficult situations daily while offering life support services to those in need. Unfortunately, accidents and illness are non-stop, and emergencies continue to happen—even during the holiday season. As a result, many EMTs are required to work during the holidays. It can be extra stressful and emotionally taxing to have to work instead of sharing time with your loved ones, but we are here to help.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips for EMTs during the holiday season. We hope your holiday season is full of joy whether you’re an EMT or not. If you are interested in pursuing a future in EMS, check out our career overview: How to Become an EMT.

1. Remember the importance of the holidays.

It is important to maintain your holiday spirit during the busy holiday season. A bright and cheery holiday mindset can make a bad day better for both your patients and your coworkers. Furthermore, allowing yourself to enjoy the season despite your busy life makes your job less of a burden and more of an opportunity to give your service as a holiday gift to your community.

2. Perform a small gesture of holiday cheer.

If your station allows it, try to participate in the holidays with a small act of holiday cheer. Decorate your station, wear an ugly sweater or Santa hat, or organize a small gift exchange. Even small gestures can brighten your day or someone else’s.

3. Say thank you and appreciate it when you hear it back.

As an EMT, emergency medical treatment is your gift to the community. Remember the importance of your service and what it gives to others. If you enjoy acknowledgment from others, give the gift of appreciation by saying thank you to your co-workers who also work through the holiday.

4. Have a meal with your team.

Putting together a small event at your station, such as a holiday meal or white elephant gift exchange, can turn a stressful time for your team into an occasion of celebration and bonding. A small event can be a great break from stressful work and bring your team closer together in the spirit of the holidays.

5. Get your holiday tasks done early.

Whatever traditions you prefer to partake in, try to do them early. Putting up decorations in advance can lift your spirits every day. Furthermore, getting specific tasks out of the way can help relieve stress during a busy time of the year.

6. Load up on snacks.

One of the best parts of the holidays is the many homemade treats that appear in the workplace. A small treat can bring everyone together and make a day less stressful by offering some comforting food.

7. Use technology to stay connected.

The true spirit of the holidays is celebrating the connections between friends and family. Even if you are on the go or away from home, connecting to the ones you love is still possible. Take advantage of technology and send your loved ones a text, or find time to chat and appreciate the love in your life.

8. Set aside time for your family and friends.

Don’t let a calendar dictate when you celebrate the holidays. Consider setting aside time before or after the official day to celebrate with your friends and family when you are not on duty. A busy season doesn’t need to get in the way of the festivities.

Self care written on a clipboard

9. Monitor your stress and depression.

Make sure to put yourself first. Your mental and physical health is always the number one priority, and during a time of giving to others, do not forget about yourself. A busy schedule can leave you feeling excluded, but if you feel down, take a moment to reach out to your friends and family to remind yourself of the love in your life.

10. Be your own gift giver.

Working during the holiday season may leave you feeling exhausted or burnt out. Make sure to treat yourself so you get a small moment of holiday spirit when you need it the most. You work hard and can give yourself a small treat during the seasons to make your days a little brighter.

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