Unitek EMT Looks at the History of Modern EMS

A Look at the History of Modern EMS

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most informative years in modern EMS! If you didn’t know, EMS stands for emergency medical services. EMS personnel perform a vital service for the public, and they alleviate the suffering of others. Without a doubt, they are the unsung heroes of the healthcare field. […]

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Unitek EMT Announces Their Expansion to Arizona

One of the Nation’s Finest EMT Training Programs Now Offered In Chandler, Arizona Unitek EMT has expanded their popular Emergency Medical Technician training program into Chandler, Arizona. Based in California, Unitek seeks to provide Arizona residents with an accelerated and robust option for their EMT training. Currently, Unitek is accepting students for boot camps scheduled […]

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Predictions for the Future of EMS

With the advancement of technology, numerous experts have predicted quite a few changes for the field of EMS. An excellent article at EMS1.com has delved into several of these predictions. Along with compiling data, they interviewed healthcare experts and discussed the various possibilities. Below we have included some of these predictions from EMS1’s insightful article. […]

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How EMTs Stay Safe

While Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) act as first responders, they must also take precautions to ensure that their safety isn’t at risk. Rules and regulations can usually be gleaned through EMT basic training, but others are learned through experience in the field. Today, we’d like to highlight some general safety tips for EMTs and other […]

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15 Inspirational EMS Quotes

Sometimes, it can be downright impossible to find inspiration. We all have tough days, and that’s okay—in fact, overcoming those moments is a part of life. When you want to be uplifted, though, we hope you’ll read this list and feel both comforted and empowered. Here you’ll find encouraging words, true grit, and a sense […]

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9 Common Misconceptions About EMS Work

While there is an abundance of information at your disposal, there are also numerous misconceptions about the field of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). In an effort to clear up some of these misconceptions, we’ve compiled a list of the most common ones from professionals with firsthand experience. Read on to dispel some popular myths with […]

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National EMS Psychomotor Exam

If you’re considering a career in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), you may be looking for more information about the national certification process. One important step in this process is the psychomotor exam. A cognitive exam is also required for certification—read our general information post to learn more, or check out our 15 tips for the […]

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The Best Advice We’ve Heard About EMS

You might be training to become an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) worker. Alternatively, you might already be in the field, or perhaps you’ve only been contemplating a career in EMS. Regardless, it can be helpful to read tips from the driven, compassionate individuals in this business. We’ve compiled a list of advice about EMS work, […]

Job Market Growth for EMTs

A closer look at the EMT profession  If you’re interested in emergency medical services (EMS), you might want to learn more about two key EMS careers: paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). These rescue workers treat the sick or injured in emergency situations. Due to the nature of the job, lives often hinge on the […]

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Operation Urban Rescue – The Video