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EMT Students to Participate in Operation Rolling Chaos Training Exercise

On April 5th, Unitek EMT is hosting Operation Urban Rescue, one of the largest multi-agency, mass-casualty training simulations ever held in the Bay Area. This year’s scenario is a large-scale military and civilian response to a simulated domestic disturbance in Fremont, California.

Participants will respond to an armed insurgent threat, improvised explosive devices, hazardous materials, critical medical conditions, and a massive disaster scene. Operation Urban Rescue aims to prepare the community for a major disaster by facilitating collaboration between government and civilian emergency medical services.

In addition to training current EMTs, Operation Urban Rescue serves as a training exercise for Unitek EMT’s students. Before they graduate, EMT students are given the opportunity to respond to the needs of critically injured patients in the field. Students learn to assess, treat, and move live patients efficiently in a real-world setting. Our training exercises take students out of the classroom and put them in a controlled environment in order to best train the next generation of medical personnel.

Last year’s event, Operation Rolling Chaos, was a tremendous achievement. We had more than 400 participants, including 100 military personnel and 200 live patients. Operation Rolling Chaos used 25 vehicles to simulate the breaking of Anderson Dam, including 12 cars, 2 buses, 8 ambulances, 4 military Humvees, 3 military transport trucks, and 3 helicopter landings. Eric O’Neal, a Unitek EMT instructor who participated in the event, called Operation Rolling Chaos a success, adding that

the event was a dynamic test in both working knowledge and fortitude. My guys were truly put to the test in every sense of the word. Operation Rolling Chaos ended up being physically, emotionally and didactically challenging for some. However, everyone walked away sensing that they took part in a phenomenal exercise that made them a better provider.

Unitek EMT’s mass casualty training exercises allow government agencies and civilians to interact in a way that they wouldn’t usually—until a major disaster hits. They also allow EMT students the opportunity to practice their skills in real-life situations before they’re needed to respond to a real disaster.

For more information about Operation Rolling Chaos and our annual mass-casualty training exercises, visit mascaltraining.com. Unitek EMT’s 14-Day Boot Camp is an extraordinary program that prepares students for their NREMT over 2 weeks of intense training and real-life simulations. For more information about our 14-Day Boot Camp, click here.