Operation Urban Rescue

Preparation is the key to success in emergency medical services. In 2014, Unitek EMT hosted a mass-casualty simulation called Operation Urban Rescue. Not only were numerous agencies involved, but Unitek’s EMT students also participated in the event. This real-world disaster scenario provided EMT training, teamwork building between agencies, and a prepared emergency response on a large scale.

Join us for a glimpse at this groundbreaking EMS simulation.

Experience Operation Urban Rescue

The video opens with shots of various EMS personnel. Spliced with images of a helicopter, a police car, and a large group of “victims” (these are not actual victims but volunteers), the video wastes no time and jumps straight into the event. We watch as the view pans toward the victims, most of which are lying down and sport several injuries. One female victim bleeds from a facial wound, while another’s legs are covered in blood.

As we continue to watch, a voice starts recounting the sequence of events. “On April 5, 2014, over 500 participants from over 30 agencies came together for one of the largest training events of its kind,” the narration says. “Operation Urban Rescue was more than just training. It brought groups together, to respond together, to react together.”

The screen quickly fades to black. For a moment, we can only hear explosions, breaking glass, and wailing sirens. When the video resumes, it focuses on military vehicles and personnel in full gear. We see them engaging with other groups while tackling the mass-casualty scenario. In one shot, military personnel appear to be digging through rubble and other debris as they rescue victims.

“In emergencies, medical teams need to respond as a cohesive unit, not disparate groups with different command structures,” the narrator tells us. “The fact is, disasters are going to happen. When they do, you’re either ready, or you’re not.”

We soon see swat teams armed with guns and protective gear. They assess the crowd of victims, searching for any threats as they secure the area. The next shot focuses on EMS personnel as they treat victims. One has their hands bandaged while their head/neck is stabilized. Another is being ventilated, and others yet are transported on gurneys. In a different shot, several EMS personnel tend to one victim with breathing difficulties.

Elsewhere, military personnel carry victims into a triage tent. Various groups have taken residence inside, tirelessly working to treat as many victims as possible. Throughout the video, we see numerous groups working together, building cohesive units and essential lines of communication.

“After all the planning, and the funding it takes to make an event like Operation Urban Rescue happen,” the narration concludes. “If you manage to save one life in the future, just one life, it’s all worth it.”

Unitek EMT Program

You may feel inspired by what you’ve seen; you may even be hungry for more. Our EMT program is comprehensive, intense, and efficient. It’s split into two components: approximately 50 hours of online coursework and a 14-Day Boot Camp. The online portion includes content related to incident management. Additionally, our distinctive approach includes a comprehensive, workshop-style Boot Camp. Taught by current experts, Unitek’s EMT courses provide students with the knowledge and skillset they’ll need when lives are on the line.

Many pursue a career in EMT because they want to help others. If you’re considering EMT work but would like more information, please reach out to us at 888-790-1458.