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Learn how to save lives with Unitek EMT

The Importance of EMTs

Without a doubt, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) play a critical role in numerous situations. They must remain calm and collected when responding to emergencies or arriving at the scene of an accident. If they don’t act quickly and effectively, some patients may not survive transportation to a hospital.

At Unitek EMT, we believe it’s absolutely vital to train future healthcare workers while utilizing cutting-edge techniques. Along with continuing education courses, we offer an accelerated EMT course, a 14-Day Boot Camp that will prepare you for real-world scenarios.

The EMT Program

If you’re seeking EMT certification, we would encourage you to consider Unitek’s EMT program. Our curriculum will provide students with EMT training, practical experience, and the latest techniques. Instructed by veterans with extensive histories, our program includes convincing emergency simulations and clinical externships. This combination will give you a glimpse into life as an EMT before you achieve certification. Additionally, our instructors can supply testing assistance for those that request it.

EMT Training - Unitek

Unitek’s EMT program can be divided into two primary sections:

Online Component. This portion of the program must be completed before you graduate. It includes about 50 hours of online instruction for our EMT courses. Some of those hours are dedicated to incident management material.

14-Day Boot Camp. Taught by current experts, our accelerated Boot Camp features hands-on exercises, real-world scenarios, and the skillset you’ll need to prolong life. While attending the boot camp, each student will fulfill a clinical externship in an ambulance or an emergency room.

Continuing Education Courses

If you’d like to enhance your skillset, one of the following courses might be the right choice for you.

Basic Life Support Course: This course will assist healthcare professionals who need to gain several skills, such as performing chest compressions, providing correct ventilations, and developing the ability to recognize life-threatening situations.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course: The course is intended for healthcare workers who must work as a team in cases of cardiac arrest, acute coronary syndrome (ACS), and stroke events. The ACLS class will assist students in developing the competence they’ll need in the field.

EMT Refresher Course: A comprehensive, 3-day course, this EMT Refresher provides 24 hours of continuing education. It also gives students the opportunity to apply for EMT state recertification.

Operation Urban Rescue

In previous years, Unitek EMT has hosted a mass-casualty simulation called Operation Urban Rescue. Various agencies contributed to this phenomenal achievement. During the simulation, hundreds of personnel converged on the scene to deliver emergency care. By the end of the operation, insurgents had been apprehended, wreckage had been moved, and numerous patients had been treated.

If you’re looking for an EMT Basic Training Programs, contact us toll free at 888-790-1458.

Learn how to save lives with Unitek EMT.