EMTs working on patient inside of an ambulance

How to Get an Ambulance Driver’s License

Are you interested in seeking an ambulance driver’s license? Before we take a closer look, let’s start with some background information about ambulance operators. They typically assist other EMS personnel with loading and unloading patients from the ambulance. At times, they may need to perform CPR or assist with other general duties. In California, ambulance […]



Everything you need to know about completing your NREMT certification So you’ve decided to become an EMT. Great! You’re now one EMT boot camp and exam away from an exciting new career as an emergency medical technician. Unfortunately, deciding to become an EMT is as far as some people get, often because they let themselves […]

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How to Become an EMT

A comprehensive overview for medical first responders Table of Contents 1. What is an EMT? 7. How to Become a Certified EMT? 2. Difference Between EMT & Paramedic? 8. EMT Physical Requirements 3. How Much Do EMTs Make? 9. Typical Day for an EMT 4. How Long to Become an EMT? 10. What Shifts Do […]

Another Look at Unitek EMT's Continuing Education Courses

Another Look at Continuing Education Courses

At Unitek EMT, we have a number of continuing education courses for EMS workers. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a vital field that provides the public with first response treatment. Some EMS professionals take mandatory refresher courses, while others seek out continuing education to enhance their skillset. Today, allow us to take you on a […]

Unitek EMT Delves into the Many Attractions of Chandler

The Many Attractions in Chandler

  Unitek EMT seeks to provide Arizona residents with an alternative route for their EMT educational needs. Through a combination of expert lectures, hands-on exercises, and clinical simulations, aspiring Emergency Medical Technicians can gain the knowledge and skills they’ll need at our Arizona facility! In one of our previous blog posts, we delved into some […]

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Unitek EMT Announces Two New Program Directors

Unitek Learning has promoted two outstanding professionals to EMT program director for their California and Arizona locations Unitek EMT is thrilled to welcome Marcus Bond and Jessica Gonzalez as the new directors of their EMT program. Recently, the program has embarked on a transformative expansion to Chandler, Arizona. Based in Northern California, Unitek also seeks […]

Unitek EMT Expands to Chandler and Now Offers EMT Training in Arizona

Unitek EMT’s Exciting Expansion

If you’ve been searching for EMT schools in Arizona, we have some great news for you—Unitek EMT has expanded to the city of Chandler! Located southeast of Phoenix, Arizona, Chandler is a city dotted with numerous parks, museums, hotels, and restaurants. With varied settings amid gorgeous desert sunsets, Chandler offers a range of attractions to […]

Image of Arizona Mountains and Cactus with Unitek EMT Logo

Unitek EMT Announces Their Expansion to Arizona

One of the Nation’s Finest EMT Training Programs Now Offered In Chandler, Arizona Unitek EMT has expanded their popular Emergency Medical Technician training program into Chandler, Arizona. Based in California, Unitek seeks to provide Arizona residents with an accelerated and robust option for their EMT training. Currently, Unitek is accepting students for boot camps scheduled […]

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Unitek EMT: Expanded Online Hybrid

At Unitek EMT, we strive to prepare our students for a career in emergency medical services (EMS). Veteran EMS professionals impart critical knowledge and skills through a combination of expert lectures, simulation training, and workshop-style classes. To gain as much experience as possible, students will also partake in a clinical rotation. These either take place […]

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Unitek EMT: FAQ Faculty Series

More often than not, an emphasis is placed on programs, students, and benefits. These are all equally important facets to consider when looking at a school. At Unitek EMT, we would also like to take a closer look at our faculty. Not only are they instrumental to our success, but they play a vital role […]