Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to register?

The fastest way is by speaking with one of our Educational Advisors.

How early should I register?

Participants are encouraged to register as early as possible. It is important to register early, as space may be limited in many of the courses. Those requiring visas should register as early as possible, in order to begin that process.

How late can I register?

Registration will be taken up until 5 days prior to the start date of each training course. You may contact us for space availability after that date, but we cannot ensure space availability.

Should I encourage my colleagues to register and attend as well?

Yes. Some of the most useful and practical capacity building experiences take place when two or more professionals from the same organization attend a training course together. This enables them to apply the tools and skills acquired during training immediately to their day-to-day work program.

What types of activities are there to do during my stay in California?

Unitek EMT’s Boot Camp is going to require dedication and a lot of work, but the San Francisco Bay Area is also known for its play. If you decide to take the trip, the San Francisco Bay Area can offer you a wide array of activities to give you a unique and memorable experience. Read More

Will Unitek EMT make my travel arrangements?

No, participants are responsible for making their travel arrangements to and from the course location.

When should I arrive to the program?

We recommend arriving a day before the course in order to be on time for the first morning session.

Where do I go on the first day of the course?

The location of the venue will be sent to you as part of the Admission Package once you are accepted to the program. Upon arrival, please check the announcement board in the lobby of the training facility for the training room number.

Can I schedule professional meetings outside of the course?

Course participants can choose to make use of their trips for other professional meetings; however, should be aware of the length of the training days. A training day normally consists of a morning (8:00 am -12:00 pm) and an afternoon (12:30 -8:00 pm) session. These times may differ in order to accommodate site visits and simulation exercises.

What arrangements do I need to make if my family is traveling with me?

The San Francisco Bay Area can offer you and your family a wide array of activities and places to stay that can give you a unique and memorable experience. Learn More

Will I have Internet access?

Yes, Unitek EMT training facilities offer free high-speed Internet access for your use during the course. If you stay with our hotel partner, internet is free for our students. If staying at another hotel, Internet access may or may not be available and charges may apply. Please check with the front desk of your hotel for details upon your arrival.

Do I need to arrange my own transportation from the hotel to the campus?

Yes. All participants are responsible for making their own training-related travel arrangements.

Are Unitek EMT training courses suitable for military, public and private sector?

Yes, our training programs were designed to provide the essential real-world skills needed for the military, public and private sector. All of our programs are multidisciplinary in approach, and result in the enhancement of participants’ overall capabilities as well as specialized skills. The blended nature of our courses include basic to intermediate level training that suit all types of professionals.

Can Unitek EMT provide training in our country for our organization?

Unitek EMT has conducted scores of tailored training programs around the world. If your organization would like a customized training program, we can provide you with a draft concept proposal and budget.

How can an EMT certification help me when applying for Medical School?

An EMT certification has many advantages, learn how an EMT certification can assist you Click Here

How can an EMT certification help me when applying for a career as a Police Officer?

An EMT certification has many advantages, learn how an EMT certification can assist you Click Here